How to process?

You can make the reservation by clicking on the option Map.

Once you have accessed, you have to locate the desired document in the Public Library Catalog of Navarra.
Then click on the “Reserve” button at the end of the description of the copies.
It will be visualized the copies that, being loaned, can be reserved.
You can always know the documents you have reserved and cancel your reservation.
From the library, the reader will be notified by phone about when he / she can go to pick up the document that has reserved, that will happen to make effective the loan in the term of 2 days. The reserved document must be collected in the same library to which it belongs.

If you do not collect it within this period, your reservation will be canceled.

Reservations can not be made through the Internet, if the user is sanctioned or has surpassed books on loan.

How to download and read free books online

Thanks to the fact that almost everyone today has a Smartphone, it is possible that many are already enjoying the advantages of reading an e-book, an electronic or digital version of a book


What are the advantages of an ebook? Some are that do not deteriorate, do not take up space, are cheaper and even free many times. If you have not yet downloaded your first ebook, here’s what you need to know:

1. Know which book you want to read

If you have not yet decided you can see in different pages the best-selling books and even by categories. In PQS we recommend:

Planet of Books
NY Times

2. Use a search engine

If you already have the title and author of the book you want to download, the next step is to open your preferred search engine, it can be Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other.

Then you must type in the search bar this:


As you must assume, where it says NAME OF THE BOOK you must replace it with the title you are looking for.

For example, we have sought love in the times of cholera. As you can see, when a PDF result is found, the searcher chooses to highlight it in eighth notes before the text. You should then look for results with the “[PDF]” written.